How Colors On Parade Can Increase Profitability of Your Service Drive

On average, the service drive provides close to 50% of the gross profit for dealerships. Colors On Parade can help increase that profitability by giving dealerships an additional service offering for their customers – same day scratch and dent repair by professional technicians right through your service drive. In addition, having a partner like Colors On Parade Southwest Florida allows dealerships to address scratches, dents and dings on used cars and have them repaired and on the lot quickly. Used cars account for nearly 25% of a dealership’s gross profit. Here’s how to put us to work for you and your bottom line.

1. Offer customers the option of same day scratch and dent repair right through your service drive. Our experienced technicians will perform the work right there at your location so customers have a convenient way to have these repairs done, instead of waiting a week or more for body shop repairs. It also gives you another touch point with customers, building upon the customer relationship.

2. Turn over used cars quickly and get them on the lot faster. When you have our mobile dent and scratch repair technicians on-hand, they can address minor damage on incoming vehicles quickly and affordably for the dealership. Plus, these repairs don’t have to be reported to Carfax, which helps maintain the resale value of the vehicle.

3. Offer our headlight restoration service. Another Colors On Parade service you can offer right through your service drive is our headlight restoration service. Our mobile technicians are also equipped to handle this service as well. Headlight restoration removes cloudiness and yellowing from headlights, leaving them clean and clear again. Additionally, it gives your customers another reason to visit the dealership.

Having the services customers need handy and being able to offer these services right through your service drive keeps customers coming back. Customers that come back to your service department not only help your service department bottom line but also your retail bottom line. Loyal service department customers are 2.5 times more likely to purchase their next vehicle from the same retailer where they get service. In this way, Colors On Parade Southwest Florida does more than benefit your service drive’s bottom line but your retail bottom line as well.

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