What is PDR and What are the Benefits of PDR?

Paintless dent removal or PDR is a specific way of repairing dents in cars without having to resort to repainting the entire car or using filler. PDR is best used on smaller dents, but it can work on larger ones too. PDR works on dents in metal panels and in metal bumpers. PDR’s key benefit over traditional methods of repairing large dents in cars is that PDR requires no paint, leaving you with an original factory finish every time. PDR is the best choice for inexpensive dent repair in cars, which is why PDR has become so popular.

Benefits of PDR

1. PDR prevents expensive repainting services that are typically required when performing traditional dent repair to vehicles. PDR prevents the need to refinish the entire vehicle after getting minor dents repaired.

2. PDR saves money by eliminating the need for filler materials used during traditional dent repair services. Paintless dent removal is right for any budget because it requires absolutely no special materials of any kind. PDR technicians can typically remove most dents in under an hour! This means that PDR easily beats out more traditional options when it comes to getting your car looking great while saving you time and money on costly repairs.

3. Paintless dent removal will save you time when performing minor repairs to your car. PDR is extremely convenient because it allows you to get small dents repaired without having to drive all over town. Many Colors on Parade technicians are mobile and can come to your home or workplace.

What Can PDR Do?

PDR is used for repairing most types of surface damage that appear on the body of a car, including hail damage, minor dings, door dings, dents and other imperfections. Whether that damage is to metal panels or plastic bumpers, PDR can repair most dents and dings quickly, easily and affordably. PDR also saves you significant time and money over traditional body shop repairs that often involve fillers and repainting.

Sick of the dents and dings in your car? Give Colors On Parade of SW Florida a call. Our mobile technicians will come to your home or work and complete your repairs right on-site. We’ll have your car looking new again in no time!

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